Petrol Bunk 

It is proud to start construction of second Petrol bunk (Bharat Petroleum ) on Mustabad to Siddipet road . With the co-operation of Minister of IT Sri. KTR, Planning Commission Vice -Chairman Sri. B.Vinod Kumar, TSCAB Chairman Sri. K.Ravinder Rao and Directors and Staff the work is under progress and will complete soon.

Food Processing Industry

According to the vision of Honarable Chief Minister Sri. KCR garu and Minister for Industries Sri KTR on Food Processing, PACS Pothgal has decided to promote food processing industry.

As a result we are planning to set up a food processing industry with all the latest technology. In this industry around 15 to 20 products will be processed.


PACS Pothgal is committed to better health, in this process we are opening a outlet in Mustabad mandal head quarter to sell a wide range of 100 Millet and Millet related products.

ATM Machine

PACS Pothgal is setting up a ATM machine at office premises. The process is under way and waiting for NABARD permission.


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