PACS Pothgal provides crop loans to farmers. The loans will be disbursed in the months of July and August of every year.

The loan amount is Rupees 35000 for 1 acre and the highest loan amount is Rupees 3,00,000.


The interest rate  on crop loan is 7% per annum and the payment of interest is paid twice in the year. Renewal of principle amount should be done twice in the year.


A refundable share capital of 10% is deducted on the loan amount.


Documents required for the crop loan:


1. New Pattadar Passbook.

2. 1B and Pahani latest from MEE SEVA.  

3. KDCC Bank Account.

4. No due certificate from other bank.

5. Aadhar Card.

6. 4 Passport size photos.

sheep loan distribution.jpg

Loan amount disbursed: