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PACS Pothgal at the time of 2013 was in a loss of Rupees 73 Lakhs.


In the year 2013, under the Presidentship of Sri Thanner Bapu Rao & team  the Golden days for PACS Pothgal has started.


With the blessings and co-operation of Hon Chief Minister Sri .K.Chandra Sheakar Rao, Minister for IT & Municipal Admin Sri. K.Taraka Rama Rao, then Karimnagar MP and now Planning Commission Vice Chairman Sri. B.Vinod Kumar, Co-Operative Societies "Jaati Pitha" TSCAB Chairman Sri.K.Ravinder Rao the Society is serving the farmers.

President Sri T.Bapu Rao met then MLA, now Minister of IT Sri K.Taraka Rama Rao in 2013 for the development of the Society. Sri.K.Taraka Rama Rao made then KDCC Bank Chanirman Sri K.Ravinder Rao to release a cash credit of Rupees 50,00,000 to the Society.

With 50 Lakh in hand President Sri.T.Bapu Rao & team with their hard work and vision started activities like giving loans and offered many services.

In 2013, the Society used to have only 2 Paddy procurement centers and Fertilizer distribution centers. Now under the Society the Paddy procurement centers has reached 7, Seed distribution centers to 8 and Fertilizers centers to 8.

Before  2013, PACS Pothgal offered only Crop loans and LT Loans to farmers. After 2013 PACS Pothgal under the leadership of Sri.T.Bapu Rao & team the Society started offering Personal, Mortagage, Two wheeler, four wheeler, Gold and Petty loans to farmers.

With KTR.jpg
GM Visited Society.jpeg
Old building.jpeg

Old Building (Rented)

PACS Pothgal is used to run its office in the old building with no facilities.

Chairman Sri.T.Bapu Rao, with his future vision has constructed a new office building for the Society. MP at that time Sri.B.Vinod Kumar released amount of 15 lakhs from his MP funds.

The new office is constructed with all modern technology. The building is equipped with CCTV cameras.

The office building was inaugurated on 18/09/2017 by Minister for IT Sri K.Taraka Rama Rao and TSCAB Chairman Sri K.Ravinder Rao.

PACS New Office Building.jpg

New Building (Owned)

Statue opening KTR.jpg

PACS Pothgal under the leadership of Sri.T.Bapu Rao came with an innovative idea of erecting a farmer's statue in the building premises.

This statue is very prestigious and the first of its kind in the Country.

Minister Sri KTR was mesmerized after seeing the farmer's statue.


In 2013, PACS Pothgal total turn over was 5 Crore. Now the turn over has reached 14 Crores in 2020 and working towards a target of 25 Crores in the near future.


PACS Pothgal Society constructed a huge Godown with a capacity of 500 Metric tons at Avunoor Village. This godown is used to store Seeds and Fertilizers which are to be distributed to farmers.

To continue the above program, the Society has constructed a second Godown with a capacity of 300 Metric tons at Badankal Village 

Badankal Godown.jpg

Avunoor Godown

Badankal Godown

Avunoor petrol bunk.jpg

With the help of then Karimnagar MP Sri B.Vinod Kumar, PACS Pothgal constructed Bharat Petrol Bunk on Gudem - Avunoor Road.

The petrol bunk serves  both Petrol and Diesel.

Bharat Petrol Bunk  on Siddipet - Mustabad road at Mohinikunta Village.

2nd Petrol Bunk

Gudem - Avunoor Road Petrol Bunk (BPCL)

Mustabad - Siddipet Raod Petrol Bunk ( BPCL)

Inside Society Office.JPG

Solar Lighting inside the Building

PACS Pothgal building is quipped with Solar power with the co-operation of NABARD and KDCC Retd CEO Sri K.Satyanarayana Rao.

The Staff is always friendly and obedient. 

Society has paperless transactions with all online services.

In the State of Telangana, PACS Pothgal is the first Society with dress code, Health card and Insurance facility to Staff.

Health Cards.jpeg

Health Cards to Staff

We thank farmers, Directors, people's representatives, Officers,  DCO Sri. Budda Naidu, KDCC Bank Retd CEO N.Satyanarayana Rao, KDCC GM Sri Sridhar, Branch Managers Sri.Damodhar and  Sri.M.Srinivas Reddy and Staff for supporting the Society to achieve great milestones.

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