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PACS Pothgal offers Long term loans to purchase Harvesters, Tractors,  Sheep and Dairy.

The loan amount is decided on the government value of the land owned by the farmer. Present value is 1,50,000 per acre.

A quotation from the dealer is required for purchase of harvester and tractor.

The loan amount has to be paid twice in a year up to 5 years tenure.

70% of the harvester and tractor is issued as loan.


Sheep and dairy loan amount is decided by the current government value. 

Refundable share capital of Rupees 15,000 is deducted for loan amount greater than Rupees 1,00,000. Insurance need to be paid by the farmer.

Legal fee of Rupees 1,000, Stamp duty fee of 1% of loan amount up to Rupees 3 Lakhs and above 3 Lakhs, 0.5% stamp duty has to be paid by the farmer.

B Class membership fee Rupees 100 ( If  a person has membership in the Society, B Class fee is exempted).

Documents needed for LT loans:

1. 13 years Pahani from MRO.

2. 1B and latest Pahani from MEE SEVA.

3. Original old and new Pattedar Passbooks.

4. EC/Valuation certificate from Sub-Registrar.

5. Map of farmer's land from MRO or Surveyor.

Loan amount disbursed:

harvester distribution with tscob chairm
tractor distribution 2015.jpg
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